Why HyperBioCoat?


Lacquers with inorganically or organically functionalised biopolymers mainly from lignocellulosic biomass.



Automated coating methodology on free form surfaces using robotic arm with spray nozzle on the end.



High biodegradability and better LCA features due to use of biomass extracted material
(biodegradable content will not need to be landfilled and / or


Barrier properties

High barrier performances.
Excellent barrier against water vapour, oxygen or flavours.
OTR: < 1 cm3/(m2·d·bar) @ 23ºC & 50% RH
WVTR: < 1 g/(m2·d) @ 23ºC & 85% RH

Barrier properties

Advantages of our coating

Cost reductions

10% cost reduction

By utilising side-streams of existing commercial processes supports cost-competitiveness.

Less emissions

20% CO2 less emissions

By replacing fossil-based precursor materials with biobased starting materials, it can be estimated that the CO2 emissions will be reduced at least by 20 % for bioORMOCER®s as compared to purely fossil-based.


Food tray

Food tray

Flexible retail food packaging, where shelf life product will be increased.

Food tray


Symmetric bottle with screw cap. Made of fiber-reinforced wax.

Food tray


Flexible tray for medical needle parts.


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Last meeting in Vienna

2019-07-26|Comments Off on Last meeting in Vienna

The project gathered all the partners in Vienna for the last meeting in July 18th 2019, hosted by Waxell GmbH. During this 6th General Assembly & Executive Board Meeting of the HyperBioCoat Consortium we analysed [...]

  • Aitiip participated in Chemplast

The project is showcased in Chemplast fair

2019-05-20|Comments Off on The project is showcased in Chemplast fair

Aitiip participated in Chemplast (May 7-9th, 2019), a fair that congregated 8,000 industrial professionals that meet in Madrid (Spain) to learn about the latest developments in chemical and plastic technology, specially addressed to 4.0 technologies, [...]

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